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Plug-in Attachment System

In most compact tractors, power to attachments is derived from the tractor engine through a power take-off point and a series of belts and pulleys delivers this power to attachments.

With Bolens exclusive plug-in system, a universal joint fits union power takeoff shaft for driving front, rear and center mounted attachments, which results in direct power from the tractor PTO shaft to the attachment. Switching from one powered attachment to another is a snap. Bolens plug-in attachment system is standard equipment on the Husky 850, 1050, 1220, 1225, 1250 and 1455.

1. To remove a powered attachment, you slip out the hitch pins that hold the attachment to the tractor, slide the attachment drive shaft off the Power-lock and pull the attachment free.


Solid-Stale Ignition

Bolens has incorporated the advantages of space age electronics into a solid state ignition system on its Husky 1220, 1225 and 1455.

Three Point Hitch

Bolens category "0" heavy-duty three-point hitch allows easy raising and lowering of tractor attachments from the driver's seat by positioning the hydraulic lift lever. Implements adapted for this hitch include moldboard plow, 

2. Position the tractor next to the attachment to be installed. (There are front mounted, rear mounted and center mounted attachments.)
 cultivator, disc borrow, one-row planter, fertilizer, rake, scarifier, etc. This hitch, which is optional equipment, gives the 1250 and 1455 the versatility formerly found only on larger tractors. Mountings for the hitch are standard equipment.

On its 120 acres of manufacturing and testing facilities at Port Washington, Wisconsin, Bolens is constantly striving to design differences into its outdoor power equipment. Not just difference for its own sake; but difference designed, 

3. Slide the attachment drive shale into the universal joint located at the end of the power take-off shaft (Power-lock). Then insert the hitch pins into the attachment mounting bracket and lift mechanism ...


with performance in mind. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to ask your dealer, or write Bolens Division. FMC Corporation, Dept. HC69. Port Washington, Wisconsin 50014.
4. .... and you're ready to go! With Bolens exclusive Fast. Switch Power-IackHitch.youcanrunthroughaweekend's worth of lawn and garden chores in a short time.


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