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Bolens Husky 1220

Travel down a straightaway at 7 3/4 mph or plow unturned ground with full power al 3/4 mph on a big capabilily Husky 1220. This new breed of compact features solid state ignition, pulling space-age dependability and case into the tractor. The Husky 1220 has a high and a low speed range, with three forward and one reverse speeds in each range. The 1220 also features Bolens live power take-off. A shaft delivers engine power directly through this PTO; and a universal joint coupling permits direct plug-in of attachments, without belts. Add a 12 HP engine and the true fourseason versatility of 25 available attachments and you have another Bolens Husky that's difference designed, with performance in mind.

Difference designed features, 1220 and 1225

Bolens Husky 1225

Another new, foot-pedal control hydrostatic is the Husky 1225, a 12-horse performer that does all the work while you go along for the ride. Control forward and reverse speeds with your foot, toe down for forward, heel down for reverse. Choose from 25 year round attachments and change them without effort, thinks to Bolens plug-in attachment system. Raise and lower attachments with a built-in hydraulic lift.The 1225 also gives you Bolens exclusive controlled differential for getting you out of those wet or slippery spots. Every feature is difference designed, with performance in mind.

TWO SPEED RANGES (1220) - High and low speed ranges permit accurate matching of speed to job, give total of six forward, two reverse speeds.

PARKING BRAKE - Locking brake holds unit on inclines. Releases easily when you're ready to go.

Difference designed

with performance in mind!

Toe down for forward, heel down for reverse. Your hands never leave the steering wheel to shift. (See page 4 for further description.)


PLUG-IN ATTACHMENTS - Shaft from attachment plugs into PTO coupling. -No.finger-pinching belts. (See page 5 for further description.)



ENGINE: Tecumseh, 12 hp, 3600 rpm (1220)

              Wisconsin, 12 hp, 3600 rpm (1225) 

STARTER: 12v electric

IGNITION : Solid state

TRANSMISSION: Hydrostatic, foot-pedal control (1225) 
Belt and gear (1220)

CLUTCH: Automatic (1225); Disc (1220)

BRAKES: Dynamic braking (1225); Shoe type, combined with clutch (1220)

PARKING BRAKE: Standard (Pawl type on 1225)

STEERING : Bevel pinion & sector



40" turning radius (inside) 

Forward speeds variable, 0 to 8 mph (1225) 

Reverse speeds variable, 0 to 4 mph (1225) 

High and Low range, 6 forward speeds: 3/4 to 7 3/4 mph (1220) High and Low range, 2 reverse speeds: 1 1/4 to 3 3/4 mph (1220)


Wheelbase, 40 1/2" 

Overall height, 40" 

Overall width, 34" 

Overall length, 62 1/2" 

Ground clearance, 7" min.


Front, 16 x 6.50 x 8 

Rear, 23 x 8.50 x 12 

PTO (type): Shaft

PTO CLUTCH: Standard

APPROX. SHIPPING WEIGHT: 675 Ibs. (1225), 645 Ibs. (1220)

(Light standard equipment on both unit. Hydraulic lift standard euipment on 1225, optional on 1220)


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