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Other power outdoor equipment from Bolens

Bolens line of compact tractors is only part of the full lineup of outdoor power equipment available from most Bolens dealers. A brief description of other units, from walking power mowers to snow caster and snowmobiles, is included on these pages. For further information, contact your Bolens dealer, or write Bolens Division FMC Corporation, Dept. HC69 Port Washington Wisconsin 53074

SUBURBANS - A Bolens Suburban is easy-easy on you and easy on your lawn. Automotive type steering and differential prevent spinning and gouging, while you just steer. Other difference-designed features include separate blade clutch, guarded grass discharge chute and a clutch that automatically disengages when your foot is lifted from the pedal. Designed for maximum performance, minimum maintenance.
ESTATE KEEPER - The Estate Keeper is a true compact tractor. with a powerful 10 hp engine and the ability to handle year 'round outdoor work, And it's more than that. With Bolens difference designed Center Pivot Steering, the Estate Keeper has an inside turning radius of only 21", to let you bend around flower beds, shrubs, trees and otter hard-toget-around objects. Rear wheels track front wheels exactly. The Estate Keeper also has Bolens exclusive plug-in attachment system, which eliminates the need for belts. The Estate Keeper actually is one of the most versatile outdoor power units you've ever seen. Try it soon.

ORBIT-AIRS - Cut with an Orbit - Air and watch clippings disappear ... not fly, Bolens difference designed fully enclosed blade and cutting chamber make every Orbit-Air three mowers in one: It cuts, mulches and cleans in one pass. A wash out port on the base of the mower lets you use a garden hose to clean the mower. An easily attached optional bag gathers leaves, clippings and light debris. Ask your dealer for a demonstration.


LAWN KEEPER - Bolens engineers designed the Lawn Keeper with Center Pivot Steering-three words that mean maneuverability, convenience, top-notch performance and downright driving fun. With steering in front and engine in the rear, you can encircle shrubs and trees with remarkable agility. You ride up front, so you can guide the mower exactly where you want while rear wheels track front wheels exactly-you never need to look back.




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