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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 7

CONTROL (Continued)

5. AMMETER - Indicates rate of charge to or discharge from the battery.
6. FOOT BRAKE - Use when vehicle is in motion or when free-wheeling.
7. TRAVEL PEDAL - Neutral - Forward - Reverse. Depress pedal with toe of foot for froward motion. Depress with heel of foot for reverse motion.
8. ATTACHMENT DRIVE SWITCH - Engages and disengages power to attachments. Move switch lever up to engage clutch and down to disengage.
9. ATTACHMENT LIFT LEVER - Pull lever up to raise and push lever down to lower attachments. Push lift lever all the way down to lock for FLOAT position.
10. PARKING LOCK - Depress foot brake and raise lock to set.
11. HOUR METER (Standard on Serial No. 0500101 and up) - Indicates hours of tractor use. White hand indicates meter is running. Red hand with outside numbers indicates hours of use up to 60 hours. Yellow hand with inside numbers indicates hours of use up to 600 hours. EXAMPLE : When figuring total hours, see where yellow inside hand is. If hand is between the 120 and 180, the total hours of use be 120 plus whatever the outside red hand reads. If the red hand is on 34, then your total hours would be 154 hours. (See meter at left). When outside red hand is in red zone, check with maintenance chart.


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