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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 6


Before operating the tractor, the operator should become familar with the function and location of each control to ensure proper and efficient operation.

The symbols used on these pages and on the controls of the tractor are INTERNATIONAL SYMBOLS. These symbols are in use worldwide and are easily understood regardless of language.

The following listed numbers and accompagnying information correspond to those numbers assigned to the controls indicated in figure 3.
1. Choke - Choke lever UP towards the "ON" position closes choke for starting. Choke lever DOWN to "OFF" position opens choke for operation.
2.THROTTLE - Move throttle lever "UP" one-half way for starting.
3. IGNITION STARTER SWITCH - This is a three position switch : "OFF". Run and Start. To start the engine turn the key to the far right. Release when engine starts.
4. LIGHT SWITCH - Off-On positions.


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