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My MTD is a 12 HP B&S. I paid $100 for it and it was in very poor condition.  I completely stripped tractor down to last bolt. I then sand blasted, primed and painted every part.  I used Jonh Deere green and yello because I like the colors.  I had to replace the tires (dry rotted), carburetor (was not the original) and bad steering links.  The bushings in front wheels were bad and I had to make some new ones in the machine shop I work in.  Everything else is original.  Tractor runs and operates like a new one.  I am now looking for attachments so that I can use it in my garden.


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MTD 12 HP and Wheel Horse MTD 12 HP MTD 12 HP and Wheel Horse
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MTD 12 HP MTD 12 HP Huski
Wheel Horse 854 Montgomery Wards Sears 725


My second addition was a 1977 8 HP B&S Wheel Horse Lawn tractor.  As you can see, it too was in bad condition, but it ran very well.  It's now restored.


Wheel Horse 

Before restoration

After ...

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Wheel Horse A90  Wheel Horse A90 Wheel Horse A90


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