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Stan from East Central Illinois.

email : Stan & Sue

Here's my restored Wheelhorse Tractor

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D-200, 1974,  restored in 1994

GT14, 1969.  It was a pile of scrap iron when I started it. Finished 08/98

D-200, 1978

D-200, 1978 D-200, 1978 D-200, 1978

D-Series, customized

Here is my D-200 WheelHorse Custom 8-Speed Just finished this week, Has a K-582 2 cylinder Kohler 8-speed out of a Raider 12 With a 10 pinion and D-series axles and a 1 to 1 angle gear box i still have to do all my Hydrolic hookups and my 3-point hitch .It was a 1978 D-200 Automatic Tractor until I custimized it.


Economy 1963

Economy 1963

Engine : 9.5 HP Wisconsin, it has 7.2- 24" rear tires, 4-12 front tires, dual 3 speed transmissions. I have the tiller, disc, plow and mower deck but have not restored them yet but I will later.  




smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)