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My name is Ross Licitra, Monmouth County , New Jersey , 35 Years Old.

I spent about 5 Years looking for an old Sears tractor with a loader attachment on it.  When I found one it was in poor condition but nonetheless I paid $700.00 for the loader with the tractor.  But the Sears tractor, which was the right tractor for the loader to be on, was belt driven like garden tractors.  When the machine would plunge into a pile of material the belt would slip to the transmission.   So I decided to find a tractor that was driving by a drive shaft with a hydrostatic transmission. 

I found the old MTD in the back of a friends nursery with was in deplorable condition.  But it had all the right stuff!  Drive shaft driven, Hydrostatic Trans. Hydraulic 3-point hitch, big 27" rear wheels and a 16 HP Briggs. I paid $100.00 for the tractor which was about $50.00 too much.  I spent the summer of 1996 restoring the MTD and outfitting the loader on it.  I make most of my own attachments for the 3-Pt hitch like the york style rake in the picture and a grader blade.

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MTD 1968 , 16 HP, Hydro with Sears loader,
16 HP, Hydro with Sears loader


Rear view

This tractor is a bear of a machine with rear wheels that keep spinning and digging in.  I was able to still get an owners manual from MTD which took them about 3 weeks to find in their archives. MTD told me they believe the tractor is a 1968 or 69.

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I restored this 12 Hp MTD and outfitted with Hydraulics. It never had hydraulics so I had to make the system from scratch. It worked great and now I can lift all the same attachments that I use with the 16 HP MTD with the loader. 


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