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This is the first Bolens 1050 I purchased in 1997. I bought it from a 70 year old friend who really abused it for almost 30 years. I paid him $150.00. I had to replace everything from the tube frame up, clutches, transmission, rims, tires, 14 hp Tecumseh engine, seat and steering wheel.
This is the second Bolens 1050 I purchased in 1998. I bought it from several fellows who had planned on going into the lawn mowing business and had changed their mind. It had sat outside in the weather for at least 1.5 years. I paid the fellows $100.00 even though the tractor hadn't been running for several years. I replaced the Engine with a 18 hp Briggs & Stratton Industrial twin. I also replaced the seat, tires (front & rear, steering wheel, and I rebuilt the 6 speed transmission.
This is the first Bolens with the 14 hp Tecumseh engine. At first I installed (Sears) front and rear electric lifts. These proved to be too slow and time consuming. When working, I would have to wait for the lifts to cool off before continuing pushing dirt. I did however love the tractor and it proved to be a workhorse.
This is the second Bolens with the 18 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. As you can see, I added hydraulics and built a front end loader. (The plans are CADLoaderLT Model 507). The hydraulic pump is attached behind the left engine exhaust, it is driven by belt off the middle pulley on the engine. The diameter of the pulleys must be the same so as to drive the hydraulic pump at the proper rpms. This tractor with the front end loader works great, however I got ambitious and decided to add a back hoe.
This is the 18 hp Bolens after I had added the front end loader and the back hoe. As you can see, the seat swiveled so I could use it for loading and back hoeing. Performance of the machine was better than expected, however the weight of the back hoe (approximately 400 Ibs.) proved to be too much. I busted 4 axle drive collars before I was convinced to remove the back hoe and make it a stand-alone.
This is the 18 hp Bolens as it appears today. The front end loader works great, however I had to add antifreeze to the tires and add 55 Ibs. per rear tire to give the tractor stability. Also there is a 45 lb. weight on the left side of the tractor to counter balance the bucket arm. The bucket will lift approximately 300 Ibs.
This is the modified CADigger as a stand alone. The 10 hp Wisconsin engine was originally on the second Bolens. This project was completed in late 1999. I use this digger almost every weekend. talk about fun! My understanding wife and I built the building you see in the background just to store the tractors and back hoe.
This is a picture of my original 1050 Bolens (14 hp Tecumseh) pulling the stand-alone back hoe to the job site. As you can see I have added hydraulic front and back. I also designed and built a center scrape blade which works great. We have a lot of gravel and dirt roads. This little tractor is really dependable and probably my favorite.
I am responsible for all design modifications and welding. I like the Bolens tractors so well, I have purchased 3 other Bolens for use as parts. By the way, I also own 2 Sears 18 hp garden tractors. The Sears tractors are used almost exclusively for mowing. One here in Charlotte and the other up in the mountains on weekend. By the way, did you know that TNN television network, has garden tractor races during the winter season.

Ron Phillips


smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)