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My name is Rick Hayden, 45 years old, of Sandwich, IL. About 13 years ago, I purchased the 1967 Wheel Horse model 1257 for $25.  At the time, I really had no place to use it or store it. I had my step-father take it to his home. He mostly used it to plow snow. (Blade & frame not pictured, as I just restored them) A couple of years ago, My father borrowed it to grade the land around his new home. Last year, I upset both of them by going after it, as I had just built a new home and workshop. In the years it was away, it had a carb rebuild. Now that I have it back, I have started restoration. I first bought a 1969 Charger 10 that had a good deck on it. I mowed this past season while restoring the original rims and the plow frame and blade. Now I'm restoring the mower deck, and pushing snow myself. 

I'm interseted in hearing from others, especially if looking to rid yourself of Wheel Horse tractors or parts. The person that previously owned the Charger 10 will be sorry when he sees what's in store for it.



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Wheel Horse

1967, 1257

1967, 1257

1969, Charger 10

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