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1952, Power King with all original tiller steering


1948 Baird Beaver GTR3 first model 
First year made serial #495

I had just finished restoring my 1951 Beaver when I found this tractor at a tractor show in Connecticut it came with a sickle bar cutter, land plow and a snowplow for $250. It is amazingly complete and not in that bad of condition for an unrestored tractor of itís age.

I brought it home poured some gas in the tank and three pulls later I was riding it across the yard! This tractor should be restored to original condition by summer fall of 2001 when itís done I will repost it.



1951 Baird Beaver GTR6, Restored 6/2000

When I got the first of my Beaver tractors it was in really tough condition but I figured for $50 how could I go wrong, what wasnít rotted was broken and thoroughly abused it had a broken camshaft/governor and a broken rear axle. I searched by way of the internet and found another tractor that had a good motor but to my dismay had no front end or steering as well as a broken axle in the same exact place so $100 later I owned a second (parts) Beaver tractor. After welding the rear axle I proceeded to clean, sandblast, repaint and reassemble the tractor to as close to original colors as possible in about 4 months.


smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)