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Here is a picture of my 1968 Bolens Husky 1050 tractor with Wisconsin TRA-10D engine.

It is in all original and excellent condition including the paint. Since new it has been used primarily for snow throwing and hauling small utility trailers including my boat in and out of winter storage. This past year I started cutting with it as well since I recently purchased a used 38" deck for it. It is a real work-horse. I enjoy keeping it well maintained and is a great conversation piece. I also enjoy trading comparisons with one of my neighbors who owns a rival John Deere of the same vintage (all in good fun of course)! "Nothing runs like a Deere" because they don't like the competition from Bolens! I would never consider trading "down" for one of those new plastic machines on the market! I enjoy visiting the www.antiquetractors.com web site. Keep up the good work.


Mark Stochl


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