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My name is Kevin Liston. I live in Kingston Ohio.I grew up on my Grandfathers farm and have always loved tractors.When I was a young boy my Dad and Grandfather let me get involved with their part time small engine shop and I have been hooked every since. I like all garden tractors, especially the attachments.Though I have to lean towards Cub Cadets.


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My Grandfather bought the tractor new. He managed the Lawn and Garden repair shop at the Lazarus stores in Columbus Ohio for many years. It origionally had a one piece fiberglass rear fender/seat. It was broken when I was a kid. Later I put the metal seat and fenders from a 1964 Springfield that I had. I put a 10 hp Briggs motor on it as I still use the tractor on occasion. I plan to restore the original 7 hp Briggs along with the rest of the tractor this winter 



1963 Cub Cadet


This is my 1963 Cub Cadet Origional. It is on of the old belt drive Cubbies.It has an ancient 16 HP Briggs engine on it. I pull it at local garden tractor pulls in the 16 HP  ungoverned class. The engine is all stock with the exception of the govenor being removed and an added fuel pump. It has sharpened 23-10.50-12 rear tires.


Sears Suburban 1964


This is my Dads Sears Suburban. I believe it is a 1964 or 65. It belonged to an elderly couple who bought it new. My Dad repairs lawn mowers and he serviced this tractor for about 15 years. When the husband died, the lady told Dad that she couldn't handle it an that her husband would want him to have it. It came with a plow, snow blade, 42" deck and wagon. In the last year we have found a set of cultivators, disc, corn planter and a rotto tiller for it  and are searching for more attachments. It is a 12 hp tractor. It is alot of fun to "farm" with!


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This is an old MTD that my grandfather built a loader for.It has a hydraulic pump from a farm tractor and 4 full size cylinders It will easily lift 700 lbs wich is more than the tractor can safeley lift. The tractor also has a home made power steering unit on it using a power rack cylinder from a small foreighn car. It work really good. It also has 23-10.5-12 tires on the back and the fenders were widened to cover the tires.Concrete weights were also made to fit inside of the rear rims for counter balance.

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