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My name is J.R. Casey, and I live a little east of Dallas, TX.  I am very involved with the lawn and garden tractors, and our area has just begun to pull the smaller tractors.  The small tractors are stock; mostly 5-18 HP.

Here are some photos of my friends; I own and drive the Massey.  I own other John Deeres and Masseys also.  My friend and I hooked on to the big sled in the photo below, I think we went about 25 feet.

My email address is:  JRpull20@aol.com

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Jul06_01_small.jpg (6104 octets) Jul06_07_small.jpg (2321 octets) Jul06_03_small.jpg (2268 octets) Jul06_04_small.jpg (2344 octets)
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smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)