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1998 CRAFTSMAN, 19.5 HP Twin cylinder Briggs&Stratton engine.  42-inch deck.
It has a CRAFTSMAN bumper and cab. I put on a CB radio, Lightbar, alternating PAR 36 tractor lights with red lenses (on the bumper), lollipop lights on the fenders, marker lights on the side and an airhorn under the hood.

A little about me.
I am a 15 year old male from NH, which got bored and bought a tractor. So I took the challenge to make that tractor like no other, I think I suceeded, with some help from BOND auto and B&R diesel, without them I couldn't have done it. I went through a lot of wire and electrical tape doing this job, but it was worth it. I put it in a 4th of July parade last year, you should have seen the reactions, everybody got a kick out of it.

Jonathan Austin-Shortt

18 HP Kohler V-Twin engine, 42" snowblower, weights, chains, and electronic attachment clutch. I'm not sure of the year.
Early 90's Craftsman Garden Tractor. 6-speed Hi-Low Range transmission, an 18 HP Kohler Magnum Engine, a 2.5 gallon gas tank, and a 46" 3 blade deck, with a 44" cut.
I got this tractor in a trade for my other Craftsman tractor. And as usual, I put on a CB radio, air horns, warning lights, and some work lights. This tractor is an excellent work horse, I have a snow/dirt blade, snowblower, weights and chains for this machine, and they all work great.
Although, I have to say that it isn't the best machine for mowing. This machine, like the Bolens, also has an operator presence system and an electric attachment engagement clutch.
This machine needed lots of work over the past year I have owned it, but I got most of everything working on it.

smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)