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My name is Jacques Lacasse.  I am 57 years old, married, have three children and  French speaking. I was a training officer at Telus Quebec in Rimouski, Quebec, Canada; now retired.

I had some hobbies in the past : Electronic, Photography, Woodwork,   Music, Computer and now garden tractors and this Web site.  I always like to work on small mechanics, but first, I love tractors. I bought my first garden tractor in July 1997, a Bolens Husky 1220 (1969),  and so realized an old dream. 

Today, I have seven Bolens garden tractors :

- 1960 Ride-A-matic
- 1000 (1965), 1220 (1969), 1256-03 (1972), 1456-03 (H14) (1976) ; Tube Frame Husky
- 1250 (1968) and 1477 (1971) Large Frame Husky.

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The 1220 has a Tecumseh HH-120 12 HP industrial engine (original engine) and a six speeds gear transmission (three speed with High/Low gear). Except the piston ring and head gasket,  the only major repair I did first was the electrical system.  I renewed all wiring, rewound the alternator and build a regulator; both was burned.  I also painted it.

In the Summer 2000, I replaced the HH-120 engine with a 13 HP Honda GX-390 mostly because parts for the Tecumseh became hard to find and expensive.

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Tecumseh HH-120 replacement :

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The second tractor I bought was a 1965 Bolens Husky 1000.  When I bought it, ( in early 1998 Summer ) I restored it using the 900 fenders and put back his own hood. The original engine was a Wisconsin TR10-D.   The actual engine is a Wisconsin S8-D, coming from the 900 and was installed on the 1000 when I bought it.

Bolens Husky 1000 (1965)
The following photos are from the same tractor except the 900.
The 1000 was running and look like this when I bought it.
The 900 was for parts.
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Husky 1000
when bought
1000's hood   Husky 900


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The Husky 1000 after restoration
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Bolens Husky 1250 (1968)
Bought November 15 2002. My first (and only) Large Frame.
The Eaton 12 hydraulic pump was worn and need new slippers; it seem they forgot to check oil.
Eaton 12 Radial pump Worn slippers
Husky 1250 After restoration (09-2003)
New paint   New decals With a modified Bervac snowblower November 2005  
The Eaton 12 has been repaired before the paint restoration
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Summer 2005 project : 1976 Husky H14 (1456-03)
I have a mower deck, a snow blower and a tiller for it.
Restored H-14
Future projects :
Bolens RIDE-a-matic 1960 - Bought in July 2005
Bolens RIDE-a-matic 1960    
Bolens Husky 1256-03, 1972 - Bought in June 2006
Bolens Husky 1477, 1971 - Bought in June 2009
1477 just before I bought   At home      
Few parts are missing, but the tractor is mostly complete. The hood come from a 1256, but fits perfectly. The S14-D engine has been partially took apart, but complete too.



The last photo is from a 1987 Craftsman 12/38 that I restored then sold it. 
The original color was silver.

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