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My name is Barry Sullivan. I'm from Attleboro, Massachusetts and just started restoring antique garden tractors. I became interested after reading an article from a Toro news letter in regards to a contest in which they were in search of the oldest running Wheel Horse tractor. The article contained lots of photos of old Wheel Horse tractors.

My first project was an old Wheel Horse tractor which I found sitting on a near by front lawn with a For Sale sign on it less than a mile from my house.

Attached are pictures of my 1961 Wheel Horse model 551 and its attachments. The tractor is powered by a 5 1/2 hp Lauson/Tecumseh engine complete with electric start. The Tractor and a 32" rotary mowing deck have been completely restored. The sickle bar, reel mower, snow blower snow plow and cart are next in line.

Also included are pictures of my 1952 David Bradley Super Power and its attachments. The David Bradley is a recent purchase and is soon to be restored.


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Wheel Horse 551, 1961 (47572 bytes)  Wheel Horse Attachments (41674 bytes)  Attachments (51815 bytes)

Wheel Horse 551, 1961  (42133 bytes)  David Bradley Super Power 1952  (48243 bytes)


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