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The town were I live had a program called "Clean up week" everyone would put out their unwanted bulk items for pick up. (Heaven!).  That's when I picked up the Wheelhorse 702.  It was thrown out at curb side with a plow attachment, wheel weights, grass cutter, chains and extra set of agriculture tires mounted on rims. The next day I found another tractor with a Wisconsin S-8D which I put in the Wheelhorse. The rest is history.


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The Sears Riding lawn mower I bought in 1983 with a broken rod. I don't know what year it is but I beat it to death this summer. I threw a rod in the little 6hp engine. Now it is replaced  with a 10hp Tecumseh electric start TVM engine. Since I owned it I did lots of changes:

- The engine swap/electric start (original was 6hp recoil start)
- Peerless Differential (original one was a straight axle)
- 3 speed foote transmission (original was foward/neutral/reverse)
- Dash mounted volt meter
- Dash mounted ignition
- Dash mounted throttle
- Pneumatic front tires
- Larger rear tires
- Grease fittings throughout the front end
- Swivel joints throughout steering linkage
- Small strut rods to strengthen the front end
- 2" trailer hitch
- Low back cushioned seat

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Both these machines are used constantly Cutting grass, mulching leaves, pushing snow, dragging carts, trailers and any thing else we can do with them.

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Cub Cadet 1450


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I purchased this machine about eight years ago and used it at my summer home in Upstate, NY This tractor replaced the Wheelhorse 702. (which I still own). I use this machine to cut about one and a half acres of lawn in the summer and plow the two hundred foot driveway in winter. As you can see from the pictures.

The Cadet came with a Dozer blade, fifty inch grass cutting deck, one set of wheel weights and a mold board plow. It is fitted with a factory installed three point sleeve hitch that works off the hydraulics to raise and lower it.  I removed the engine last year and rebuilt it because it
showed signs of worn rings.


Over the years, I changed or added a few things. As a retired auto mechanic/auto machinist, I've changed the front spindles to accept standard one inch trailer wheel bearings. This was done by designing and machining a slip over trailer axle spud that can be removed and returned to the factory style, with no effort.  If you look closely at the front wheels, you can see that it has four lugs instead of the factory single center bolt design.  The seat also has been changed to a high back lawn tractor type, this was added for comfort. On the machine there is also a trailer hitch, a quick hitch and a rear sealed beam work light tucked under the left rear fender.

Over the years I have collected two extra sets of wheel weights (which brings the count up to three),that I use for snow removing. I have a disk harrow, snow blower attachment, chains and an extra forty-two inch cutting deck.  Like all my machines, this one also works hard and we do not baby it. I try to keep all my equipment clean and in top running

Bob Augugliaro


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