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  Jacques Lacasse






smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)  Wayne Nethercutt smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)

I restored a 1962, Wheel Horse 702 this winter.  The tractor has been part of my family for 36 years and was recently given to me when my father died. I couldn't part with it and actually knew I could put it to use, so I restored it. I have before, after and during restoration shots, but have included only the after shots. I have the original seat, but did not put in on as it is not that comfortable, so in the photos, you will see a non-original seat and muffler....I did a custom job on the muffler just for kicks. This is a working tractor, not just a "look-at" item.

Wayne Nethercutt

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702_1962_01small.jpg (1669 octets) 702_1962_02small.jpg (1716 octets) 702_1962_03small.jpg (1502 octets) 702_1962_04small.jpg (1737 octets)
Model 702, 1962 Model 702, 1962 Model 702, 1962 Model 702, 1962

smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)