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My Wheel Horse RJ-35 was purchased by my grandfather back in the 50s.   He used it to plow his garden, cut his grass and transport my grandmother to various berry patches in back of his property.  Some times he would just take her for a ride to see what they could see and to explore the trails on the state land behind his property.  I believe that he purchased the tractor from a Tractor and impliment dealer near Gaylord Michigan.  My aunt took over the property and still kept the tractor eventhough it wasn't running.  When she gave it to me I had to remove it from the bottom of a pile of fence posts.  I haven't done much restoring other than paint (not a good job) and fixing the Clinton engine that had a siezed valve.  I was able to plow my garden for a couple of years but unfortunetly the right wheel casting is broken and I only have drive to one wheel.  It still plows snow however and I think my neighbors enjoy seeing me go down one side of the street then the other and back to my house removing the snow from the sidewalk.  I know our mail lady likes a cleared walk in the winter.  Well that is pretty much my story.   Sure hope someone can help me find a wheel hub casting!  Oh by the way it didn't really start running really well until after my aunt died and everyone says or seems to think she might have something to do with that.  So I quess you could say its my little red haunted Wheel Horse tractor.


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Wheel Horse RJ-35 1955

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