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I started the year off with a 1945 M Farmall.  I restored the tractor and took it to 2 shows.  The tractor is very large and hard for me to haul around, so I sold it.
I wanted another tractor that was smaller.  When I was growing up we had JD110.   I had seen the 110's at some shows so I thought I would pursue one of them.
I found my tractor on the internet.  A guy in Michigan had it.  He also had a 42" blade, 36" tiller, 36" snow thrower, wheel weights, tire chains, and all the manuals and parts catalogs to go with it.  The tractor was complete and in good running condition.  I met the guy half way, gave him his check for $1500 and I headed back to Ohio with my prize.

When I got the tractor home, I started it up and mowed a few laps.  Then I took the mower off and put the blade on the front.  I pushed some gravel around for fun and then I shut it down and pulled it in the garage.
That was about 2 months ago.  Since then I have completely disassembled the tractor.   I have put the tractor back together piece by piece but only after each piece was thouroughly cleaned, sanded/scraped/sandblasted primered and painted.  The tractor is completely reassembled except for the engine.
Things I found wrong and corrected are:
-  Brakes were shot - fixed
-  Transaxle leaked badly - replaced all seals
-  Tires were OK but I wanted new tires

- I put on brand new Carlilse super lugs on the rear and new turf-savers on the front.

The engine is in the shop now - I'm having new rings and valves put in it and replacing the main seals.  The main engine pulley is loose - a new one is $85 so I'm having it machined and a bronze bushing installed.
All decals have been replaced.

I won't restore the tiller and snow thrower until spring.  I plan to use the snow thrower this winter

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John Deere 110 1965

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