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smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)  Charles Wise  smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)

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Fairbanks_small.jpg (1915 octets) Gravely10Asmall.jpg (1733 octets) KinkadeSub_small.jpg (2069 octets)
Fairbanks Morse Universal. Lauson engine Gravely Commercial 10A with steering sulky. 10 HP Kohler engine Kinkade Suburbanite


QuikeSpingfield_small.jpg (1975 octets) WardsCT01small.jpg (1903 octets) WinchelCR01small.jpg (1845 octets)
Quike Spingfield with plow and wheel weights. Clinton engine 3 or 4 HP Wards Chor-Trac with wards corn planter attachment. Wards/Clinton 3 HP engine. Winchel Clean Row. Clinton engine
SmallCrawler01small.jpg (1795 octets)
Mighty Midget, little walkbehind crawler.  It has a 5 HP Wisconsin engine.

Mighty Midget

Wheeled Wards walkbehind, model unknown. Serial # of this tractor is
1010. It is powered by a Lauson/Wards 3/4hp engine


Wards Chor-Trac, Model 5071A, 3 HP Clinton engine, 3 speed w/ rev. . Mounted on the front is a Wards corn sheller

Wards Chor-Trac  

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As for my info, I have Panzers, DB's, bolens, Cub Cadets, Homelites, MF's, walkbehind crawler, and others. I have over 50 riding and walkbehind tractors

Charles Wise
16 years old

smalltrac.jpg (1361 octets)