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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 4


22. Do not change the engine governor setting or overspeed the engine.

23. When using the vehicle with mower, proceed as follows:

  1. Mow only in daylight or in good artificial light.
  2. Never make cutting height adjustment while the engine (motor) is running if the operator must dismount to do so.
  3. Shut the engine (motor) off when unclogging chute.
  4. Check the blade mounting bolts for propper tightness at frequent intervals. 

24. Study all attachment manuals thoroughly before using attachments with tractor. By doing so you will be aware of both the tractor and attachment capabilities when used as a unit and also the safest manner in which to operate them.

25. Always follow manufacturer's operational suggestions.

26. Never wear loose clothing when oparating unit. Loose clothing can get caught in moving parts and cause severe injuries.

27. Do not tow vehicle. Personal injury or damage to the vehicle could occur.

28. Always disconnect negative (-) battery cable from battery before doing any work on the electrical system. Reconnect it LAST when work is done. This is to prevent shorting of electrical system and accidental burns.

29. Do not drive this unit on a public thoroughfare at any time. The operator is risking injury from passing vehicles. Most local ordinances prohibit operating.


a unit such as this on a public thoroughfare.
30. Do not operate attachments when transporting vehicle.
31. Always wear substantial foot-wear to provide as much protection as possible.



To ensure prompt service when repairs adjustments are required, your FMC Bolens dealer must have the following information. For your own personal reference, fill in the space provided below. 

Model Number of tractor (A) 
(Fig. 1) __________________________ 
Serial Number of tractor (B)
(Fig. 1) __________________________

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