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QT-16 Safety and Operation Instruction

Page 24

MAINTENANCE (continued)


1. Turn steering wheel so that front wheels are straight ahead.

2. Measure distance across front of front tires, center line to center line. Reading across front of tires should be 1/8 inch (3mm) to 3/8 inch (10mm) less than across the rear of tires. If adjustment is necessary (D) figure 31, on tie rod (E) and turn tie rod in or out as required.

3. After adjustment is obtained tighten hex lock nuts (D) securely.

4. Readjust drag link (F) to center steering wheel.


1. Remove dust cap.

2. Remove cotter pin and unscrew slotted nut.

3. Remove outer bearing.

4. Remove wheel and hub assembly from spindle.

5. Remove inner bearing.

6. Clean bearings in a commercial solvent. Dry with a clean cloth.

7. Pack bearings with a good grade of wheel bearing grease:

8. Reinstall bearings into hub.

9. Reinstall wheel and hub assembly to spindle.

10. Turn slotted nut on spindle handtight, test-spin wheel to align bearings,

then back nut off to nearest slot in line with hole in spindle, and install a new cotter pin.

11. Press on dust cap.


The rear wheels can be reversed on this tractor. With the wheels turned out the overall width would be approximately 40-1 /2 in. (102.8cm). With the wheels turned in the overall width would be approximately 30-1/4 in. (77cm).


To cover the wheel track when tilling turn the rear wheels in.


The "Hydrostatic" neutral is adjusted at the factory.

If, with the engine running and the brakes released, the tractor creeps either "Forward" or "Backward" the "Neutral" position needs adjustment.

Adjust the "Neutral as follows:

1. Remove seat and fender assembly.

2. Securely block up rear of tractor off of the ground.

3. Place travel pedal into the "Neutral" position. Start the engine and release the brakes.

4. Loosen nuts "H"figure 32, if the rear wheels creep "Forward" shorten link "G" until wheels stop creeping. If the rear wheels creep "Backward" lengthen link "G"until wheels stop creeping. Retighten nuts "H".


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