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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

Page 7

heel of left foot, then gradually apply pressure to speed control pedal in the direction desired with right foot until tractor comes to a full stop.

The removal of debris, dirt and grease accumulations are considered normal maintenance practices and can help discover minor difficulties before they become troublesome.

Figure 11

Figure 12

ENGINE - Remove all dirt from around base of spark plug and crankcase oil dipstick before removing. A gap of .030 inch should be maintained between spark plug electrodes. See Engine Manufacturer's Manual for further maintenance of engine.


Do not attempt to place transmission lever in PARK position until tractor has come to a full stop.

When towing the tractor, place the transmission lever in NEUTRAL position. DO NOT EXCEED SPEEDS OF 8 MPH WHILE TOWING. Use foot brake pedal to stop vehicle when towing.


HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION - Remove all dirt from around transmission filler plug area and filter before removing. Turn filter counterclockwise to remove. Clean transmission cooling fins periodically with an air hose. If tractor is being operated in a dusty environment, clean cooling fins frequently. Consult your Bolens dealer for transmission maintenance. (See Figures 13 and 14.)


1. Remove hub cap.

2. Extract cotter pin and unscrew slotted nut.


1. If the engine has been operating under a heavy load and is hot, do not stop it suddenly. Allow the engine to idle for approximately three to five minutes. This will reduce the engine temperature more quickly and evenly than stopping the engine.

12. Turn ignition switch off.


Operational maintenance and preventative maintenance are synonymous. When neglected, unnecessary down time and costly repairs can result. A little time spent each day by the operator on preventative maintenance will lead to longer operating life of the HUSKY.

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