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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

Page 4

12. Transmission Lever. Place transmission lever in :
 - NEUTRAL for towing .
 - DRIVE for infinitely variable speeds from 0-8 mph forward to 0-4 mph in reverse .
 - PARK for starting and when tractor is At Rest.


Do not place transmission lever into PARK position while tractor is in motion. Premature shifting into PARK may result in serious damage to the hydrostatic transmission.



The operator should become familiar with the following pre-operational check list prior to starting or operating the HUSKY.

1. Thoroughly clean area around crankcase oil dipstick, and check for proper level of engine oil. See Engine Manufacturer's Manual.

2. Thoroughly clean area around hydrostatic transmission fill plug area, and check for proper level of transmission fluid. See Lubrication Chart.

3. Check battery for proper water level.

4. Check gasoline tank for sufficient gas supply.

5. Check that air cleaner screen is free of debris. Check and clean regularly. Replace if necessary.

6. Clean flywheel screen. Check and clean regularly.

7. Visually check for loose nuts and screws.

8. Check for 6-8 Ibs. tire inflation. TIRE INFLATION SHOULD NOT BE LESS THAN 6 LBS.

9. Do not allow ignition switch to remain in the on position when engine is not running.



1. Be sure power take-off (P.T.O.) safety clutch is in the OFF position, and the transmission lever is in PARK position.

2. Pull out choke. Experience will indicate need for more or less choking due to temperature variations, grade of fuel, engine heat, etc.

3. Pull out throttle one-half way. More or less throttle may be required due to grade of fuel and temperature variations.

4. Turn ignition key against spring tension to actuate starter. Release key when engine starts.

5. Allow engine to warm up. Move choke slowly forward; pull out throttle and lock at full speed while operating.

6. To stop the engine, bring engine back to idle, place transmission lever in PARK and turn ignition switch off. Remove the ignition key when the tractor is not in use, or left unattended.


In case of an electrical failure, proceed as follows:

1. Recharge or replace battery.

2. Jumper cables may be used. NOTE: If jumper cables are used, cables must be connected, Positive (+) to Positive (+) and Negative (-) to Negative (-).

3. After engine has started, allow it to warm up. Move choke knob slowly forward, pull out throttle and lock at full speed.

4. Remove battery and have it fully charged as soon as possible.

5. After the battery is fully charged, reinstall it in the tractor, being careful to connect ground cable last

6. Check generator belt for proper tension. Belt should depress 1/4 inch between pulleys as shown in

Figure 5



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