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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

Page 3

Standard equipment. . P.T.O., splined shaft to drive front, center or rear attachments, hydraulic lift system with visual depth gauging, electric starting, head lights and tail lights, full fenders, adjustable allangle seat-spring suspension with foam-padded adjustable seat (easily removable for weather protection), 45 amp battery, selector level for driveneutral-park, tapered roller bearing front wheels and replaceable spindle bushings, automotive type muffler, compression release for easy starting, coil ignition, three-unit regulator (automotive type), ammeter, extraheavy channel frame, tilting hood for access to engine.
Location of tractor model and serial number . . . . . . . Top left side of heat shield
Location of engine model and serial number . . . . . . . . . Front of engine cowling


Figure 3

As with a new car, your new HUSKY Tractor should receive special attention. During the first few hours of operation, it is best to vary the engine speed (see inside front cover of engine manual) . . . . . . avoid full-throttle driving . . . . and avoid quick starts and stops until you have become well acquainted with your tractor. IMPORTANT: THE TRACTOR IS SHIPPED FROM THE FACTORY WITH OIL IN THE ENGINE CRANKCASE. CHECK THE CRANKCASE AND THE HYDROSTATIC TRANSMISSION OIL RESERVOIR FOR PROPER OIL LEVEL BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO START YOUR UNIT. BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE LOCATION OF EACH CONTROL. BE SURE TRANSMISSION LEVER IS IN "PARK" POSITION.


Ignition-starter switch (4) must be ON to turn on head and tail lights.

4. Ignition-Starter switch. Turn ignition switch against spring tension to actuate starter. Release when engine starts.

5. Throttle. Pull throttle knob out one-half way for starting. More or less throttle may be required due to grade of fuel and temperature variations. Allow engine to warm up, then adjust throttle to full engine R.P.M. while operating under load.

Both the tractor and engine have been fully tested by the factory and your dealer to assure your complete satisfaction. Keep this manual available at all times, read it carefully, if you have any questions that are not answered in the manual, consult your Bolens dealer.

6. Foot Brake. Use when vehicle is being towed or free-wheeling; when moving transmission lever (12) from NEUTRAL or PARK position to DRIVE position.

7. Speed Control. Depress with toe of foot for forward motion. Depress with heel of foot for reverse motion. Provides instant braking and speed regulation. (See Figure 7.)


Before operating the tractor, the operator should become familiar with the function and location of each control to ensure proper and efficient operation.

The following listed numbers and accompanying information correspond to those numbers assigned to the controls indicated in Figure 4.

1. Choke. Pull choke knob out to operate choke.

2. Ammeter. Indicates level of charge or discharge to or from battery.

3. Light Switch. Pull light switch knob out to turn on lights . . . . push in to turn lights off.

8. Speed Hold. Can be used to hold speed control (7) at a desired speed setting. Depress with toe of left foot to hold, and depress with heel of left foot to unlock. See Figure 6 for operation of speed hold on page 5.

9. Depth Indicator Gauge. Allows operator to locate original height or depth of attached implement.

10. Hydraulic Lift Lever. Push lever forward to raise and pull lever back to lower attachments. Pull lift lever all the way back for FLOAT position.

11. Power Take-Off (P.T.O.) Lever. Engages and disengages power to attached implements. Lever positions indicated on etched plate.



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