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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

Page 15


WHEEL WEIGHT KIT Three wheels weights can be attached to one wheel if desired.  (See Figure 33)

Figure 32


Do not install more than three wheel weights to one wheel.

Figure 33


Always keep your HUSKY tractor in a dry protected place when not in use to prolong its usefulness and appearance. With year round use, it is not necessary to "store" the tractor; but when it is not to be used for some time, it should be prepared for storage in the following manner:

1. Completely clean all accumulated dirt or trash from all parts.

2. Wipe oil or a rust preventative on any parts that may rust.

3. Drain gas tank and carburetor.

4. Remove spark plug and put a small amount of oil (SAE 30) in cylinder head. Consult Engine Manufacturer's Manual.

5. Without starting the tractor, turn the engine over a few times to fully lubricate the cylinder walls, valve seats and valve stems.

6. Keep tractor covered.

7. BATTERY - See separate battery folder, for correct storage instructions.

8. The air cleaner should be sealed off with a plastic bag or facsimile, for the duration of the storage period.

9. If tractor is stored with an attachment mounted on it, the attachment MUST be grounded.


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