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Husky 1250

Operator's and Maintenance Manual

Page 12

front two seat positions. To move seat back, rotate adjusting blocks 180 degrees. 4. Reinstall spring cotter pins.

Leaf Spring Adjustment

1. Tilt seat forward. 

2. Remove the two hex nuts shown in Figure 23, then add or remove leaf springs as desired.

3. Reinstall hex nuts and tighten securely.

Figure 21 Figure 22

travel is attained before pedal depression gives braking action.

3. Reinstall clevis pin and secure with cotter pin.


Before adjusting, inspect disc brake assembly to determine whether an adjustment is needed or if brake pad replacement is necessary. For disc brake service, consult your Bolens dealer.

Seat Removal

To remove the seat, remove the two spring cotter pins shown in Figure 23, and lift seat from tractor.


Drive shaft delivers power directly from powertake-off (P.T.O.) to attachment--front, rear and center-mounted. Switching powered attachments requires only a short time. Slide universal joint over end of splined power-take-off shaft, align holes in joint and shaft, and secure with special cotter pin.

SEAT ADJUSTMENT (4 positions available)

The 1250 tractor features adjustable seat spring suspension. Leaf springs can be added or removed from the seat as desired by the operator. If additional leaf springs are desired, order them through your Bolens dealer.

Seat Adjustment

1. Tilt seat forward.

2. Remove spring cotter pins shown in Figure 23.

3. Lift seat; using one of the two holes provided, position adjusting blocks as shown in Figure 23 for the

Figure 24

Figure 23

Slide attachment drive and P.T.O. drive shaft universal joint together; install pins into hitch points. The P.T.O. (power-take-off) drive shaft is located under the front of the tractor frame and is connected to the engine by three drive belts. This assembly has a drive shaft which is splined at both ends so that front, center and rear power attachments can be coupled directly to it. Universal joints on the attachments are equipped with needle-bearings allowing you to raise or lower attachments (with hydraulic lift lever) while the tractor is under full power.

Your HUSKY Tractor has the fastest attachment switch system in the industry. No belts to install. . . no special tools needed.


Always remove universal joint from powertake-off shaft when attachments are removed from tractor. If the joint is not removed and the power-take-off is engaged, damage will result from whipping action of the free joint.



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