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Husky 1250, Operator's and Maintenance Manual



Serious accidents can be prevented. Every operator should approach the following safety practices with serious intentions of conforming to them. An accident prevention program can be successful only with wholehearted co-operation.

1. Always place transmission lever in PARK prior to starting tractor.

2. Always place transmission lever in PARK whenever vehicle is to be left unattended. Ground all attachments.

3. Attachments must be GROUNDED when storing tractor.

4. Do not tow vehicle over eight miles per hour.

5. When towing or moving the vehicle, place transmission lever in NEUTRAL.

6. Keep hands clear of transmission cooling fan.

7. Do not mount or leave vehicle while it is in motion or in actual operation, nor leave vehicle unattended while engine is running.

8. Do not carry passengers.

9. Do not start or operate vehicle in an enclosed area unless steps have been taken for sufficient ventilation.
10. Keep tractor and attachments free of excess grease and oil.

11. Engine must be stopped, and P.T.O. disengaged when cleaning, servicing, adjusting, repairing, or installing attachments on tractor.

12. Always disconnect ground (-) battery cable from battery before doing any work on the electrical system.

13. Study your manual. Know your tractor before operating it. Take time to operate the unit in the safest manner.

14. Always follow manufacturer's operational suggestions.

15. Do not allow minors to operate vehicle without proper instruction and adult supervision.

16. Do not allow adults to operate vehicle without proper instruction.

17. Do not fill gasoline tank when engine is running or hot.

18. When adding weight to rear wheels to improve traction, do not use more than 3 wheel weights per wheel. Wheel weights are 40 lbs. each, 120 lbs. total for each wheel.


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