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Engine replacement in my 1220
Original Tecumseh with an Honda GX-390

Last update : 2003-01-13

I bought the 1220 in the Summer of 1997 with the original Tecumseh HH-120 engine.
As it need major repair, the parts was hard to find and expensive, I began to look for a more recent engine.

In the summer of 1999, I found was a twin 16 HP B&S (opposite cylinders) in fair shape. The engine has an one inch crankshaft drive and can be fitted inside the small tractor with some adjustement. The installation need lot of fitting; I had to move the hood up and forward to make enough space, built two plates to fix the engine on the frame, used plumbing pipes for the muffler and the most delicate parts, install a small plastic gas tank between the engine and the battery with two heat shield level between the exhaust pipes and the tank. This last part of the story kept me always worried even the fact the tank was in plastic and the two heat shields.

In the Summer of 2000, I was lucky to find an used Honda GX-390 13 HP engine for $300 CAN. The four years old engine has an electric start, a new piston, an 1" shaft and ran as a new.


Honda GX-390 installation
The easiest way I found to find where to fix the engine was to first install the original pulleys on the engine drive shaft, put the engine on the frame and alligned the pulleys with the transmission pulleys. That's for the horizontal position.

For the vertical position, I only added two 3/8 washers on the rear mounting, as the front was sitted on the originally installed plate on the frame. This gave just the correct height so I can used the same belts.

Pictures :